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Offer commencement date: 26 Dec 2019

Status: CLOSED

Happy Mid Year Sale Everybody 🙂 (CLOSED :))

Offer commencement date: 3rd Jun 2019

Status: CLOSED

Check out the KigCos Special Offers below

While stocks last. 3 More days to go, 3rd March 2019 🙂

A2 Custom: Sold

Zero2 Custom: Sold

Yuna Custom: Sold

Dynasty Ahri Custom: Sold

Undine Elven Girl Custom: Sold

Other character or similiar: CLOSED.

Offer commencement date: 10th Jan 2019

Status: CLOSED

SPECIAL OFFER on this Twin-Tail silver hair custom version of the Yiho MkII going for $670 (shipping and tax excluded). One stock only.

Offer commencement date: 11th Jan 2019

Status: CLOSED

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