Of course you will have questions for me. How does this whole Kigurumi thing and ordering work. See below for some ideas.

If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, please contact me via instant messaging. You can find my contacts in my contacts section.

Kigurumi Masks FAQs

1. What are the masks made of?

The Saya and Yiho masks are made from pure Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester. The 2B MkII masks are made from Resin Coated Plastic, a new finishing process which makes the masks 50% lighter than FRP.

2. Are the masks full or open back?

The Anime style Saya and Yiho MkII masks are open back while the 2B MkII mask is fully enclosed.

3. Are the masks lockable?

The fully enclosed masks can be locked via the holes at the opening. Locks are not provided.

4. Are the mask sizes customisable?

Only the 2B MkII mask is fully customisable in size. I will take your head circumference, height and weight to set the mask size.

5. Can I change the eye and brow colour?

Yes, everything apart from the shape of the mask can be customised. More complicated customisations may incur additional fees. Please check with me when ordering.

6. Can I request for custom designs or accessories?

Custom design and accessories are acceptable with limitations. Please contact me to find out if it can be made. Customisation will incur additional charges depending on complexity.

7. Can I change the hair on the mask?

Yes you can. for the 2B masks, you can even change between the soft and solid hair.


Bodysuit FAQs

1. Are the bodysuits open face or open eyes?

You can choose what you want when you order. By default they are open face.

2. What are the bodysuits made from?

The bodysuits are made from Lycra/Spandex material.

3. How can I clean the bodysuits?

You should clean your bodysuits by submerging them in room temperate or warm soapy water for a few hours and hand rinse to dry.

4. Should I measure my hip with hip pads?

it is not essential, but you can if you know how. Your hip circumference is estimated based on your chest and the suit has plenty of stretch.

5. Does the bodysuit from with toes and crotch zippers?

Toes are available by default. Crotch zippers require a small extra fee.

6. What happen if the bodysuit is damaged?

The suits are checked before shipping to be free to damages. If you damaged the suit it is not worth repairing considering the shipping costs. Please be gentle with the suit especially with the back zipper.

7. How tight is the bodysuit?

The suit is made to measure and the tailor makes them extremely tight fitting. That is why you must not deliberately provide smaller measurements.


Ordering and General FAQs

1. What is the ordering process?

You can send me an order form or contact me via email or Twitter DM or Facebook PM. Easiest way to reach me is via Facebook PM. (Private Message). I will capture your requirements and send you a quote to the email address you provided. If you are happy with the quote, you can pay via the email directly through PayPal. I will send you a measurement form thereafter if you are ordering a bodysuit. We will maintain communication throughout the production process and buyers are welcome to contact me at anytime.

2. Can I order costumes as well?

Yes you can, please contact me for a quote.

3. Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can but your deposit will be forfeited.


Shipping and Delivery FAQs

1. Do you ship to my country?

I ship everywhere. Check shipping prices to your country by requesting for a quote or sending me a message.

2. How long does it take to ship?

On average, it takes 6 weeks to ship from production start date. Check with me when the production start date will be to get an estimated shipping date.

3. What happen if I want to return for a repair?

Repairs are subjected to conditions. Repairs for makers fault are free of charge and I will pay for the return shipping to you. Repairs for buyer caused defects will be quoted on a case by case basis.



Payment FAQs

1. What forms of payment are accepted?

Only PayPal is accepted. Bank transfers are accepted in Singapore and Australia.

2. Can I pay in parts?

Yes you can. All payment must be completed prior to shipping.

3. How much is the deposit?

A non refundable deposit between 30% to 50% is required for the order to begin.