Suits with Breasts

A.K.A. boobed suits comes with breast pockets and silicone inserts to produce the perfect cleavage. Price: $250 (Size B Cups)


Regular Suits

Regular suits do not have breast pockets for the cleavage effect. Suitable when cleavage isn't required. Price: $180


B.J.D. Suits

Ball Joint seams can be painted on to the bodysuits to make the wearer look like a Ball Joint Doll. Price: Suit-Price +$150



Choose between the 3 available skin tones. Peach is the most popular option for kigurumi cosplay. At the same price.



Breast Size

Boobed suits come with silicone inserts starting from size B. Each up-size is an additional $15, C, D, E, F up to G.



silicone forms


Coloured nails are removable and reusable to go on to the bodysuits at a $20 with spares.

100% Made to measure

The bodysuits are 100% customised to your body measurements. After the order has been placed, download and fill the measurement form here.

Measurement and order form

Note: You must use real measurements.

You do not need to deliberately shrink your measurements, the suit will fit you very tightly, if you provide smaller than actual measurement it may not fit you.

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