Innovation and simplicity is ingrained in our kigurumi cosplay products. Honed to perfection by the maker themselves. Share in our transformative experience and feel our passion.


Kigurumi Masks are the key ingredient in Kigurumi cosplay. See our selection of high grade masks here.


Give your body a makeover to complete your kigurumi cosplay. Choose a custom made bodysuit here.


Knowledge sharing and techniques for new and old players for the benefit of our community

Live Wear for You

Imagine what it will feel like to wear your favourite character as a costume and become the character yourself. The result is an out of this world transformation, a memorable and exciting experience. That is what Live Wear aim to bring to our customers.

Live Wear offer customisations from anime styled to realistic faces to match. The materials are hand picked to provide the best comfort, we only want the best for our customers.

How do we know what is best? Because we are just like you with the same passion as you do. Players who became makers, that is who we are.

We believe in helping our customers and community to our best ability, so we always share every bit of information on how the products are made and how we achieve our quality. So feel free to drop us a message at any time.

Disclaimer: No anime or game characters suffered in our humane process of turning them into masks and bodysuits to be worn by our customers.



"Whoever said one cannot buy happiness simply do not know where to go shopping" - Gertrude Stein.


Kigurumi Masks

The key ingredient that makes Kigurumi Cosplay so special that is the Kigurumi Mask. A beautiful mask makes a big difference, so we aim to bring our customers only the prettiest of them all.

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Kigurumi Bodysuits

The Bodysuit compliments and completes the transformation. A good pair of suit gives the wearer a second skin appearance that of a painted doll. We offer high quality custom sized suits for 100% of our customers for a perfect skin tight fit.

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Every now and then we will have stock we need to clear either from demonstration shoots or prototyping and these will go on special for a quick sale. These are usually one time stock and offers so while stock last.

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If you are ready to order but are not sure what to ask for or where to go from here, you can always drop me a message on Facebook. The Maker is expecting you.

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